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The time saving and economical solution for reactivating push coils. The reactivating clip can easily be applied by using a Weingart plier.

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Nitinol coils are expensive. A push coil can be reactivated with a reactivating clip which can be applied simply with Weingart pliers. The length of the Reactivating clip is 2.50 mm (0.10"). Multiple ORTH-IDEE REACTIVATING CLIPS can be used simultaneously, so coil reactivation can happen multiple times. The ORTH-IDEE Reactivating clip forms a tube and does not clamp onto the wire, so it causes no disturbance to the mechianical system. The space which will be formed nescessitates that the wire should be left somewhat longer at the distal end, where it sticks out of the molar tube. The clips can be applied to al round and rectangular wires.

Nitinol coils are expensive both the material as well as the applying proces. By reactivating push coils with our ORTH-IDEE Reactivating clip you save time, since no wire removal is needed. You save directly on your expenses as well, since the push coil does not have to be replaced.

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