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Open crimpable stop for all round and rectangular wires.

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With all self-ligating systems (e.g., In-ovation, Damon, Speed) shifting wires caused by low friction are a big problem. If wires are not secured this can easily cause stinging wires. The ORTH-IDEE STOP CLIP can be used for all round and rectangular wires.

With ORTH-IDEE Clips:

  • Patients no longer complain about stinging wires
  • Patients experience greater comfort and satisfaction
  • Dentists/orthodontists get fewer calls and emergency visits
  • Practises save time - which is chargeable time

Because of the larger interbracket-distance in the upper jaw, we advise that two stops are applied. In the lower jaw one stop will suffice.



For example with missing teeth, implants or composite elements

Moving selectively one element or group of elements

In case of midline shift, moving teeth to either side in asymmetrical cases and directing one element in exact position prior to composite build-up.

Closing spaces to the mesial in several phases

In cases with spacing in the front area, missing teeth, or when one tries to avoid frontal loss of anchorage. After applying chain to 2 or 4 elements with spacing, put stops on distal aspect of the last element that came forward. The powerchain is then extended to next element to come forward. All elements mesial of the stops create a massive block of anchorage.

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